Testing evidence

T1. 1.1

No problems were experienced when running the program on Windows 7. The following screen shot proves this:


User table before the insert

user 'mohammed' is created and a confirmation message is received

Mohammed now appears in the user table and you are able to log in with their details.

T2. 1.2

User table showing 'pete' already exists as a user:

The system won't let you add a user that already exists

T2. 1.3

Passwords don't match, an error message appears

T2. 1.4

Email isn't included, user isn't saved, error message appears

T6.1.2, T6.1.4, T6.1.8, T6.1.9, T6.1.10,T6.1.11

Single Black piece jumps the white piece in front of it:

The piece reaches the board's edge and is converted into a king:

As another jump move is available, the king jumps and takes the white piece. The move turns to white's go:


White has taken all of black's pieces, the game ends


It is white's go and no valid moves are available, so a draw is called


White runs out of time, Black wins

Installation [4 marks]

It is recognised that the client may not fully install and use the system, although this is the ultimate aim. However, to score any marks in this section, there must be some evidence that the client has seen the system in operation. This can be done in a number of ways: such as by inviting the client to see the product and allowing the learner to demonstrate the system, or by taking the system to the client involved. There should be an installation plan written, including details of system changeover, training required and details of user testing.

Example 4d: pupil record system project.

(iv) Installation (3/4 marks) Mark Comments
Details of system changeover have been documented. Some evidence of client and/or user testing is given, usually by questionnaire or written comments by fellow students or others who were not directly involved in the development of the system. Teacher’s comment – implementation plan, training, user testing, and changeover mentioned. Examiner’s comment – the evidence of user testing is not sufficiently detailed for 4 marks.
2-3 An implementation plan with details of systems changeover and training required. There is written evidence available from the client indicating that they have seen the system in operation.
A clear and detailed implementation plan including planned systems changeover, training required and detailed stages of user testing. There is written evidence available from the client and/or user that they have tested the system and agree with the strategy for implementation.